On the Choosing of Names

On the Choosing of Names

As you know, LGCM and  Changing Attitude are coming together. The Board of LGCM, mindful of the expanded vision that needed to be articulated, decided to relaunch with a new name. We have consulted our members and Changing Attitude’s supporters.

This brief note is to tell you the result of thar consulration and to announce our new name. We offered you our preferred name, OneBodyOneFaith and asked for responses; positive, negative or qualified. We also asked for other ideas for names and promised to look seriously at them.

In the choosing of organisational names there are number of things to be kept in mind:

  1. Changing names is disturbing. Not everybody will be happy
  2. Any new name will need to be grown into, and brand recognition develops
  3. For us, any new name must not use words or combination of words that have been used before
  4. We wanted a name that worked without variation with the Charity Commission, Companies House, and in obtaining the domain name.

We have received 104 responses. Of these, 66 were definitely in favour of OneBodyOneFaith, 20 offered support for using it with some qualification, and 18 were against using it.

We then examined carefully every suggestion for alternative names put to us.

  • A significant number were excluded because they are already in use by other organisations.
  • Others failed the test of availability at one point or another.
  • Some contained allusions to works of literature or films
  • Others produced embarrassing results when run through Google
  • After eliminating these we had to use our judgement.
  • We identified that, because we want to build a broad-based movement we would not want a title with the word “Out” in it. We want to include as members straight allies.
  • Again, “Queer” has hugely positive connotations for some of us, but provokes strongly negative feelings in others. We excluded it and its cognates.
  • This left a very small number of suggestions.
  • One went because of obscurity
  • Two more because we felt they were too static
  • The last was insufficiently inclusive.

Among the criticisms of OneBodyOneFaith was that it did not explain what we were about. We believe that lots of organisations face this challenge with their names and build brand recognition through their action – take Stonewall! However, we recognise that a good strapline is also important, especially to start with, to help locate the organisation in the mind of the public, and perhaps especially the Christian public.

So, mindful of the votes, and without a compelling alternative having emerged, we are proud to announce that from 14th February we will be known as


We will also use an explicatory strapline to help people locate what we do more easily. This is:

Affirming sexuality and gender in Christ

We will also be unveiling a new logo, and you'll see a gradul change in our identity online, on social media and in the resources we produce to support our work.  This process will inevitably take a little time, and we would appreciate your patience and your prayers.

Thank you for all your comments and contributions. I hope and trust that, whatever your first reaction, you will be able to join us in the continued and renewed struggle for the justice, integration and liberation that we long for in Christ for all people. OneBodyOneFaith will in the end be judged by the work it does and the results it produces.

With all good wishes,

Jeremy Pemberton

Chair of the Board, LGCM