Soul Stories

Soul Stories

When: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016 12:00PM  |  Where: University of Sheffield Christian Chaplaincy, Octagon Centre, Western Bank, S10 2TN Sheffield

The stories we tell about ourselves can be powerful. We use them to make sense of life and to connect with themselves, others, and God. Soul Stories is a reading and discussion group for people who want to hear or share stories about the experiences of LGBT+ people in Christian churches. 

We meet 12:00-13:00 alternate Wednesdays in the semester and our final meeting for 2016 will take place on 14 December.

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This group is organised by the University of Sheffield Christian Chaplaincy. All are welcome. There is no expectation that group members will identify as either Christian or LGBT+, but this is a group to hear, affirm and value the voices of those who do. It is not a forum for debating, for example, the theology of same-sex marriage.