Get Visible!

Get Visible!

If you’re looking for a place to worship, to connect with other Christians, to begin to explore how the truths and traditions of the Christian faith can help you make sense of the messiness of human experience, then here are some places to start. 

Our Visible Congregations are places all across the country where our members have found a place to belong and to believe, to worship and to pray.  You can find a list of congregations here, and you can also add your own church to the list.  If you’re not already a member of LGCM, you can join here;  this is so we have a friendly contact at the church, which could be you, or it could be your minister.

Our Visible Spaces and Gatherings are a more diverse range of spaces:  they might be online communities, or groups which meet regularly, or places of reflection or retreat, or festivals where LGBT people are welcomed and celebrated.  Whatever form they take, they are places where you won’t need to conceal who you are, and you’ll be supported in your journey of faith and life.                                            

Visible Congregations

Visible Spaces & Gatherings