The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement is a UK-based international Charity which challenges homophobia and transphobia, especially within the Church and faith based organisations, as well as working to create and praying for an inclusive church.

The organisation started in April 1976 as the Gay Christian Movement (GCM) and changed the name to recognise the contribution of the female membership ten years later. LGCM has continued to grow, despite opposition and numerous attempts to get the organisation to fold and now has members from all corners of the world and from all the major denominations as well as no denominational affiliation. Our membership is open to all people regardless of sexual orientation or faith belief as long as they uphold our Statement of Conviction.

This statement was approved on the 3rd April 1976 and hasn’t been amended at any time since. At the same time the Inaugural General Meeting also agreed upon the aims of the organisation which are also still as pertinent today as they were 33 years ago.

Tracey Byrne

Tracey Byrne, LGCM’s CEO

Although we have seen many changes in legislation over the years there is still a lot of work to be done as many lgbt Christians are still suffering at the hands of fellow Christians who put the emphasis on the words found in scripture above the actions of the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

We try to achieve our aims through a combination of national/international campaigning and direct support from the local groups, denominational caucuses and special interest groups.

Because of our unique position with one foot in the Christian community and the other in the lgbt community we are totally financially dependent on our members annual subscriptions and generous donations. This consequently limits our income but also allows us to concentrate on the issues that are most relevant to our members. This focus has changed over the years and much of the campaigning work today revolves around human rights issues such as deportation of lgbt asylum seekers and the abuse of young lgbt Christians in the name of ‘reparative’ therapy.

Over the years we have been blessed with the support of many eminent theologians who have provided talks at our conferences and written affirmative and challenging books and leaflets. Many of these publications are available through our Amazon Marketplace book shop. Consequently we also have an extensive reference library which is dedicated to Norman Pittenger, a founder member and author of Time for Consent.

We constantly challenge homophobic and transphobic comments made by faith leaders and organisations and are therefore regularly called to give interviews for radio and television and quoted in the press. If you’d like to find out the latest news go to our media section.

For more information about us you can request an information pack or simply join us.

All are welcome!